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Effective WordPress Security for All

Embrace game-changing security for your WordPress websites.

  • WordPress server scans
  • Complete infrastructure analysis
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Protect Your Digital Presence

WordPress dominates the CMS market with an impressive 63.2% share.
With popularity comes the need for rock-solid security. Now,
keep your entire WordPress fleet up-to-date and protected with WP Guardian.

Why WP Guardian?

Get ahead of potential WordPress vulnerabilities and protect what you can't control! 

Centralized Security Management

Gain complete visibility over the state of security for all WordPress sites on connected servers.
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Comprehensive Protection

Manual and auto-updates, and continuous vulnerability monitoring.

Panel-Agnostic Solution

Panel-free infrastructure to empower any hosting provider to offer a secure environment with ease.
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Advanced Virtual Patching

Block malicious requests without modifying website code or affecting site performance.
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Vulnerability Scans & Reporting

View & export the list of your WordPress sites on added servers with complete visibility.
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Smooth Updates with Built-in Checks

Perform checks before, during, and after updates for a smooth and safe updating process.

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How does WP Guardian work?

WPGuardian connect

Install the agent that communicates with the platform via API.

WPGuardian detect

Starts detecting WordPress-based sites and scans them for vulnerabilities.


Install updates or apply virtual patches with automated or manual protection options.

Who is WP Guardian for?

Empower your WordPress business with
Game-Changing WordPress Security.
WPGuardian for HostersWPGuardian for Infrastructure ProviderWPGuardian for ReselllersWPGuardian for WPUsers
  • For Hosters

    Comprehensive centralized security with a user-friendly interface specifically designed for Hosting Providers to offer unbreakable protection for both the hosting environment and their customers’ sites.

  • For Infrastructure Providers

    Embrace non-intrusive virtual patching and automated security measures to streamline security management. Enabling providers to focus on offering a secure hosting infrastructure to attract more customers with a rock-solid WordPress experience.

  • For Your Customers

    Forget about vulnerable unmanaged websites. Your customers can stay safe and work inside a secure environment to grow their online businesses safely on your provided infrastructure.

  • For Resellers

    WP Guardian empowers resellers to offer centralized and user-friendly WordPress security solutions that address the specific needs of WordPress-users, from vulnerability scans to virtual patching and much more.